5 - 7 October 2017
Venue: exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza, 2-b, Saliutna Str., Kyiv
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   +380 44 490 6201
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In 2015 Comfort House will be held in parallel with such complementary exhibitions - Building and Architecture and Wood house. The exhibition format allows to cover all aspects of the construction industry in Ukraine and in the world simultaneously and as completely as possible.


The exhibition for professionals, a unique B2B event, Building and Architecture will present the latest trends in the sector of architectural planning, capital construction, will introduce advanced technologies and new materials. Building structures, roofing, facades, window and door systems, as well as ceramics and sanitary ware - is an incomplete list of the main thematic sections of the exhibition.
Comfort House will become an organic complement of the exhibition. The Comfort House mission is implementation of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and materials in private construction. Moving to the European standards in building designing and upkeeping , new utility tariffs make  the issues of energy conservation and alternative sources of energy, automation and security, as well as intelligent control system Smart House increasingly urgent. Eco-friendly materials and Eco-construction technologies, energy saving technologies, heating, ventilation and cooling, finished interior solutions - everything you need to create a comfortable stay in a modern house, will be presented at the Comfort House exhibition.
Wood house will bring together at the same place the best manufacturers and suppliers of logs, lumber, beam boards, wood protection products. Besides, it will be possible to get acquainted with new woodworking equipment, stoves, fireplaces, roofing technologies for wooden construction, and, of course, to choose a favorite project of the future home. Environmentally friendly wooden house, the atmosphere of warmth and comfort, as well as the velocity of the construction and ease of use make it the favorite in private construction in the near future.
«ENERGY & ECO TECHNOLOGY» - специализированная выставка альтернативных источников тепла и энергии. Выставка соберет большую экспозицию компаний, которые занимаются разработкой, внедрением  альтернативной энергетики и услуг по  ее обслуживанию. На выставке будет представлены компании из различных сегментов рынка: солнечная, ветровая, волновая, геотермальная и биоэнергетика. Так же будет представлено автономное котельное отопление на твердом, жидком  топливе и на газу. Это площадка для налаживания маркетинговых коммуникаций между поставщиками современных технологий альтернативной энергетики и их потребителями.